House Composting

House Composting

It is always preferable to throw away the sick seeding as well as bad grass having passed its flowering cycle. Weeds’seeds are very resistant to composting and could be then spread in your garden and your lawn. We want to avoid all the inconvenience of weeding.

If you are able to do it, in order to accelerate the process of decomposition, chop all the organic matter.

House Composting

always try to mix about in equal share of plants high in nitrogen and those high in carbon, i.e., to alternate the green residues of the dry residues. For example, with freshly mown grass, drop in your composter dry leaves or a little bit of sawdust.

Table of the matters to be alternated

Residues high in nitrogen (green)
Residues high in carbon (dry)

Freshly mown grass

Vegetables’ leaves

Vegetable leftovers

Weed (no seed)

Dry leaves



Black ink newspaper

Periodically, sprinkle your compost, but not too much. It should not be soaked. It is also very effective to regularly aerate it using a fork or any other tool.

The various accelerating products for the compost sold in stores can be useful, but they are not necessary. Installing your composter in full sun will help to a faster decomposition. However, try to preserve the compost wet.

When the first section of composter is filled up, transfer the compost in the second section. You can use the compost which is ready in the garden and wait for the remainder until the work of maturation is carried out. At this time, the compost looks like dirt.

Every action counts for our ecological planet!

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