How the ethanol is made


Ethanol is a liquid alcohol which is generally produced from corn. Ethanol was often announced like a miracle solution to replace gasoline, a product of the oil that is increasingly rare on planet. However, in spite of last technological developments, nothing good is forecast for produced ethanol of this source.

Indeed, several detractors rely on studies over studies and are crazy about one of the last studies from “Consumers Reports” in the United States. This study shows that cars that use a mixture of gasoline including 15% of ethanol consume an additional 27% of fuel!

How the ethanol is made

In addition, in spite of advances and technological breakthroughs, the production of ethanol is expensive. It costs approximately 20% more for ethanol than for gasoline. Moreover, which is most worrying, it is the blaze of the prices of Indian corn. Indeed, as for all other cereals, the price of the grain has increasingly rose for the last few years. Moreover, in time of globalization, whereas people die of hunger, this raise will certainly not stop.

A factory from Quebec located in Varennes produces currently more than 10 million litres of ethanol monthly. This is already insufficient for the domestic demand. Worse, the single production of this factory uses more than 10% of whole corn produced in Quebec… It remains little of place for the new factories that will pain to find source of raw materials…

It will definitively be necessary to find new sources for the ethanol production. Research is not in the least… Methods of transformation and production of ethanol starting from waste, of residues of forest industry, and agricultural industry are in development. There is also the ethanol production starting from algae or micro algae that breakthrough.

The United States definitely turns to energy sources other than oil. They want to reduce their dependence towards the countries producing of the black gold. Several tax and financial inciting measures were announced and promoted in order to support research. The president announced his intention to reduce the oil consumption to the country. Therefore, many factories producing ethanol were born in the United States, favouring a price raise…

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