How to build a composter

To build a composter?

Several municipalities benefit from spring to advertise using flyers and articles in the local newspapers on the benefits of composting. It is certain that it is an excellent thing for our planet if each one made its share. While retaining at the source many residues being able to be used as basic ingredients in the compost, a lot less waste ends in the dumps.

It is only obvious that reducing the quantity of waste to be collected in our streets reduce the costs of the collection directly, but also the costs of provision of waste.The municipalities are winning on both side.

How to build a composter

The green residues, high in nitrogen, hidden with the dump with other waste, favour the creation of gas with greenhouse effect. The problems caused by these gases are universally recognized. Then it is about time that each of us does its share. Certain municipalities, cities or district are more daring than others and offer the collection of residues to their citizen.

Until this practice generalise, it's up to each of us to make our own compost! In addition, this compost of good quality is ideal to fertilize garden, flower-bed, shrubs as well as grass.

The municipalities and several companies offer different format of composter. You can buy one at on these occasions or quite simply you build one of them yourself. We will explain you in a forthcoming page how to build your composter in the coming weeks.

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