How to get rid of ants

To get rid of ants?

The ants are one of the insects being most numerous on planet. The ants, by including all the species of ants on planet, are much more numerous than the human gathered!

All the children played with the ants in their childhood in their backyard...Rare are the children who are afraid of ants. Ants look inoffensive. But...

How to get rid of ants

Ants are very hard-working.  La Fontaine's fable "The Grasshopper and the Ant" points it.  They are an organized community, whose each one of them has a well defined role. Some are soldiers dedicated to the protection of the ant-hill against external invaders and sometimes even against other colonies of ants.

Other ants have the destiny to find and collect food for the whole group. They sometimes travel long distances all around their nest in order to find necessary food for the development of the colony. When an ant discovers a meal spot, it leaves on its way back to the ant-hill a trace that its congeneric are able to recognize and follow. Moreover, these other ants will also mark the way by reinforcing the trace left by the first ant. It is sometimes possible to see these lines where ants go and come unceasingly. In a direction, they are without load, whereas in the other direction, ants transport the goods. One can often see ants which meets and which seem to recognize themselves, face to face, by rubbing their antennas together.

Everyone regularly notes small sand heap on its ground, through the grass, sometimes certain slopes pop between the flagstones patio. In general, all that is well tolerated. But when we see a line of ants in the house or the garage, then there the war is declared!

But in the house, we do not want to put toxic insecticides, nor insecticides which smell bad. And when we have children or pets, these products are to be proscribed completely. Ants are very determined, and then solving the problem only by eliminating the food source they found risk to be insufficient. They will seek another food source further in the house.

The use of an ecological homemade insecticide is then convenient. A first very simple way, is to identify the site of the ants nest. Then, take your garden hose and flood the nest. Take your time. You should not only move the small ground slope. The nest should be flooded. Survivors of the colony will establish elsewhere. If that is not sufficient, it will then be necessary act differently. Here is a small and quite simple homemade recipe.

Buy Borax and make the following mixture:

take tepid water, add a little liquid dish soap
Add a little sugar, add a little Borax
mix to obtain a homogeneous liquid, without too much foam

All you have to do is to spray the ants nests and nearby. That gives an excellent result. But when it rains, it is necessary to spray again. Then for maximum result, await the forecast of several sunny days before spraying.

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