Insecticide against greenflies

Homemade insecticide against greenflies

Are your rose trees, house plants and other small shrubs on your scape invaded of parasites? Did you tested the homemade solution with dish soap and the sucker insects came back quickly in greater number? Test this insecticide solution against greenflies.

This homemade insecticidal solution works very well against a variety of insect:  red spiders, dust mites, greenflies but also maggots, snails, many varieties of caterpillars as well as aphids. This solution also has fungus virtues and helps to prevent rust problem.

Insecticide against greenflies

I got good performance with this insecticide recipe. One of the good tricks to get rid of these harmful insects, is to alternate the various insecticides mixtures. Do not mix several insecticides together, which could cause side effects. But to alternate once with the other.

When a infestation is noted, when possible, isolate the affected plants. Spray a solution immediately. One week later (approximately 5 days), spray your plants again, but with another insecticide. Another week later, to carry out a new spray with a third product/mixture.

Therefore, if eggs had been left on the spot by the adults before the first spay, during their blossoming you will destroy them you will be able to stop the infestation.

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