Surface composting

Surface Composting

Just like for house composting, the surface composting in your garden or a corner of your backyard complies with the same basic rules and is very simple to realize. It is necessary to avoid weeds carrying seeds ready to germinate.

You must dig a hole of approximately 6 inches of depth. The width depends on the quantity of residues that you produce. You can start with a foot broad.

Surface composting

Lay down the soil in small heaps beside your hole. You must put the green residues at the bottom of your trench.

As you add residues, aerate them and cut them in pieces with your shovel.

Then always put a little soil over in order to avoid colonies of insects…

When you have a certain quantity of residues accumulated, feet of length for instance, make sure to sprinkle it regularly.
On the other hand, water should not drain and make a river in your trench! Simply keep it the wet.

The compost begun in summer (June, July and August) decomposes itself within approximately 2-3 weeks.

For compost prepared in autumn, it will be ready in spring.

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