What to do against white grubs

What can you do against white grubs?

The drastic method consists in withdrawing the attacked grass Probably all grass, as well as approximately six inches of ground. This ground contains many worms, and probably eggs and chrysalis. Thereafter, you need to put new soil. Then unroll peat or to resow. What to do against white grubs

What to do against white grubs

However, since people of the same neighbourhood do not proceed in a synchronized way, the problem will appear again quickly. Especially if one carries out a spring sowing. The new grass shoot will be quite tender for the white grub larvae at the beginning of July…

There exist however some tips to follow in order to limit the damage and the propagation of the white grubs. Firstly, they like a short grass, very wet. Keep your grass at nearly 3 inches top and sprinkle it only when necessary. Then at spring, summer and autumn, reinforce your lawn with grass seed. Or better, chose a mixture of grass composed of thyme, millet and white clover. This mixture resists this insect better.

If your ground is very compacted, aerate it each spring, using a machine to air the ground. You can also add a little of good soil/compost in order to reinforce the necessary nutrients to a good lawn growth.

If you to note isolated places which are attacked, act locally.

Here's some explanations on various ways to stop the white grubs, whose effectiveness is mitigated. Indeed, all these techniques against white grubs are ineffective when used alone, punctually, and without rigorous planning. For example, the insecticides that are able to kill the white grubs are generally effective only when the temperature of the ground is higher than twenty degrees Celsius. It is thus completely useless of using such products in April as suggests certain salesmen (swindlers)…

Deploy an army of nematodes, this small parasite of the white grubs is expensive and rarely gives a sufficient output to stop an infestation. It is on the other hand an ecological means. Then, if you can afford it, it's still a good way of reducing the number of grubs in your lawn. During simulation in laboratory, the results turn around an average of effectiveness of 30%. Understand that grubs are controlled and under ideal conditions there!

Then, there is the application of various home based preparation which, when well executed, can kill the white grubs. We will give you some of these receipts to you here…

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