Ingredients for composting

Ingredients to make compost

When we do our first experiments in house composting, sometimes we wonder if we can add this or this ingredient in our composter. It won’t be long until it is automatic, but sometimes a small summary table can be useful.

You can print the small table below, plasticize it and keep it near your recycling bin or even to fasten it on the interior your composter. The table summarizes the principal ingredient that your can and can not integrate in your composter.

Do not forget to alternate the green residues and dry residues!

Ingredients for composting

Ingredients for composting.

Good for compost
Not good to compost


Vegetables’ leaves

Vegetables’ roots

Vegetables leftovers (raw or cooked)

Fruit leftovers (skin, heart,…)

Vegetables/fruits too ripe to be eaten

Weeds (without seed)

Dry leaves



Black ink newspaper

Egg shells (not eggs)

Coffee bean (and paper filters)

Tea bags

Hair (human and animal)


Sick plants or weeded

Meats or bone

Litters or excrements

Oil or lubricates (new or of cooking)


Cheese, milk, dairy products


Nut (attracts the squirrels)

Colored ink newspaper (flyers)


Piece of wood


Wrapping paper

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